Silent Meditation Retreats with enlightened Sage Sri Brahmam   |   Nov 5-10 and Nov 10-15, 2023

Silent Meditation Retreats with enlightened Sage Sri Brahmam 
 Nov 5-10 and Nov 10-15, 2023

A Journey of Self Discovery

At Hariharalaya, we approach yoga as the science and art of 
life. Yoga is a path for awakening your body, heart 
and mind, nourishing your garden and coming back into harmony with life.

Our digital detox allows you to free yourself from distractions and nourish your heart with creativity and playfulness.

Daily periods of silence help to deeply connect to your true Self and listen to the wisdom of life.

“If you’re feeling lost or burnt out and need a reset, I highly recommend this retreat. I feel transformed and grateful for the experience.” – D.S.

🔸 Set up a daily practice of yoga, breathing and meditation 
🔸 Learn to live in the present moment 
🔸 Find inner peace and balance 
🔸 Learn tools to maintain a healthy life 
🔸 Share authentic connections with a diverse community
🔸 Re-awaken your creativity and passion for life
🔸 Discover a sense of clarity and purpose
yoga retreat 7 days

We embrace an integral 
path of body, heart and mind through an integrated practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Our wellness program is set up to help you bring yoga and healthy living in your daily life. 

“I learned how to breathe, how to slow down and be present. It was such a powerful reminder of the importance of community, nature and eating healthy food.” -T.C.

Integral Yoga is a combination of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Healthy Food, Creativity,  Authenticity, Nature, Playfulness, Silence, Heart-Centered Connection and Healing.

  • A journey of self empowerment and lifelong learning
  • The process of accessing and living with creativity and wisdom
  • A healthy rhythm and deep connection with the present moment
  • A relationship with nature and the wisdom of life
  • A personal journey of awakening
  • Basic hygiene for your body, heart and mind
  • A way of life
Integral Yoga is not just…
  • A physical workout
  • A popularity contest or fashion show
  • What happens on the yoga mat
  • A performance or competition
  • About strength and physical flexibility
  • In Hatha Yoga, Simple postures held for extended time with a focus on breath, awareness 
    and grounding in order to cleanse your physical, emotional and mental 
    bodies, release blockages and cultivate will power and inner strength by
    working through resistance.

  • Each posture is a meditation on sensation, breath and balance.

  • Each posture is an opportunity to cultivate a sense of ease (sukha) and 
    stability (sthira) to carry with you in your daily life.

  • Each posture is followed by time for awareness and integration to cultivate 
    a deep sense of presence and aliveness.

  • With each posture, you are charging your body, heart and mind with light 
    (prana), producing good chemicals and releasing toxins and the heaviness 
    of the past.

  • Our practice are both accessible and challenging for all ages and 
    levels of experience.

Traditional Pranayama (Breathwork)
  • Pranayama (breathwork) is key to unlocking the flow of life within your body, heart and mind.

  • By nourishing yourself with prana (life, light, energy) each day, then your body, heart and mind  becomes alive like a flourishing garden.

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with your breath in order to balance your thoughts and emotions. The breath is the ultimate medicine.

  • We work with a system of 3 powerful breathing techniques before meditation to help balance your nervous system and the subtle pressure within, to allow you to enter into deep meditation.

  • These techniques are deeply cleansing and purifying. They help to balance your body, heart and mind, activate your chakras and awaken your inner power.

Traditional Sitting Meditation
  • Meditation is a process of deep cleaning and healing through the stillness of Being and not doing.

  • Cultivate a sense of relaxation and one pointed concentration. 
    Dive beneath the surface of your thoughts and enter into a deep state of Being.

  • Layer by layer, dissolve your body, heart and mind back into pure light.

  • Meditation is a fire to purify yourself and release the heaviness of the past in order to come into the wisdom of the present moment and awaken your intuition.

Retreat Schedule

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