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More than 12,000 lives transformed! 

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6 Day Life Transformation Journey

with Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Creativity, Community
& Digital Detox

Our all inclusive life-changing wellness programs are accessible for all ages and levels of experience.


6 Day Holistic Yoga & Meditation Program
Learn the foundations of yoga & set up a daily practice or deepen your own 
Integral Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Chanting, Journaling & Active Listening


5 Nights Lodging in our Tropical Retreat Village
Walk through our gates into a hidden oasis of healing
Comfortable, spacious and modern rooms set in a traditional Cambodian village atmosphere


Ultimate Healing Package
Release deep tension and awaken your soul
All retreats include complimentary healing massage(s)


3 Homecooked Vegan Meals Per Day
Share family style meals & meaningful conversations
Khmer Curry, Falafel, Dahl, Pasta, Fresh Salad and Greens, Amok, Hummus & more!


All You Can Drink Fresh Coconuts
Stay hydrated and nourish your soul with tropical love
Coconuts are loaded with electrolytes and minerals to hydrate, detox and boost energy. 


Daily Activities and Workshops – Express Yourself

Challenge yourself & step out of your comfort zone
Creativity, Ecstatic Dance, Fitness, Kirtan, Mindfulness & Sports


Inspiring Facilities – Invitation into the Present Moment
Awaken your inner child & be free 
Yoga Shala, Swimming Pool, Art Studio, Extensive Spiritual Library, Rock Climbing Wall, Gym, Tree House & Sports Field 


Magical Healing Gardens – Moments of Beauty
Nourish your soul & lose yourself in the moment 
Secret Bamboo Forest, Lotus Ponds, Tropical Fruit Trees, Sacred Herbs, Ferns & Orchids


Bird Sacntuary – Awaken your Heart
Soothe your soul with the healing sound of birds. 
Hariharalya is home to over 10 species of local birds. All day you can hear the melodious healing sound and witness the joy and freedom of the present moment.


Tools for Continued Learning

Come away with a full toolbox to continue on your journey 
Tips for Daily Practice. Teachings of the sages.  Hariharalaya Cookbook, Poetry Anthology & Dharma Talks. 


“The week is extremely well designed to take you on an inner journey to find a deep state of peace.” Susan D.


2024 Retreats

  • Jan 8 – Jan 13  *sold out*
  • Jan 18 – Jan 23  *sold out*
  • Jan 28 – Feb 2   *sold out*
  • Feb 7 – Feb 12  *sold out*
  • Feb 17 – Feb 22  *sold out*
  • Feb 27 – Mar 3   *sold out*
  • Mar 8 – Mar 13 *sold out*
  • Mar 18 – Mar 23 *sold out*
  • Mar 28 – Apr 2  *sold out*
  • Apr 7 – Apr 12  *sold out*
  • Apr 18 – Apr 23  *sold out*
  • Apr 28 – May 3 *sold out*

2024 Retreats

  • May 8 – May 13  *1 spaces*
  • May 18 – May 23  *4 spaces*
  • May 28 – Jun 2 *6 spaces*
  • Jun 7 – Jun 12 *1 space*
  • Jun 17 – Jun 22 *filling up*
  • Jun 30 – Jul 5  *4 spaces*
  • Jul 9 – Jul 14 *6 spaces*
  • Jul 19 – Jul 24 *filling up*
  • Jul 29 – Aug 3 *8 spaces*
  • Aug 8 – Aug 13  *4 spaces*
  • Aug 18 – Aug 23 *filling up*
  • Aug 27 – Sept 1 *6 spaces*

2024 Retreats

  • Sept 6 – Sept 11 *filling up*
  • Sept 16 – Sept 21 
  • Sept 25 – Sept 30 *filling up*
  • Oct 8 – Oct 13 *filling up*
  • Oct 18 – Oct 23 *filling up*
  • Oct 28 – Nov 2 
  • Nov 7 – Nov 12 *6 spaces*
  • Nov 17 – Nov 22 *filling up*
  • Nov 27 – Dec 2
  • Dec 7 – Dec 12 *filling up*
  • Dec 21 – Dec 26  *Holiday Retreat
  • Dec 29 – Jan 3   *New Years Retreat

2025 Retreats

  • Jan 8 – Jan 13  *filling up*
  • Jan 18 – Jan 23 
  • Jan 28 – Feb 2


  • Feb 7 – Feb 12
  • Feb 17 – Feb 22 *filling up*
  • Feb 27 – Mar 3


  • Mar 8 – Mar 13 *filling up*
  • Mar 18 – Mar 23
  • Mar 28 – Apr 2 
  • Apr 7 – Apr 12 
  • Apr 18 – Apr 23 *filling up*
  • Apr 28 – May 3

2025 Retreats

  • May 8 – May 13 
  • May 18 – May 23 *filling up*
  • May 28 – Jun 2 *filling up*
  • Jun 7 – Jun 12 
  • Jun 17 – Jun 22
  • Jun 30 – Jul 5


  • Jul 7 – Jul 12 
  • Jul 17 – Jul 22
  • Jul 27 – Aug 1


  • Aug 6 – Aug 11 
  • Aug 16 – Aug 21 
  • Aug 25 – Aug 30

2025 Retreats

  • Sept 4 – Sept 9 
  • Sept 13 – Sept 18 
  • Sept 25 – Sept 30

  • Oct 6 – Oct 11
  • Oct 16 – Oct 21
  • Oct 26 – Oct 31 
  • Nov 5 – Nov 10
  • Nov 15 – Aug 20 
  • Nov 25 – Nov 30
  • Dec 6 – Dec 11
  • Dec 21 – Dec 26  *Holiday Retreat
  • Dec 29 – Jan 3   *New Years Retreat

the suite

6 Day Life Changing Wellness Package


  • Unlimited Fresh Coconuts
  • Private Yoga Consultation
  • Coconut Oil Massage
  • Traditional Khmer Massage
  • Blind Shiatsu Massage

From $1160 USD (single)

From $1890 USD (couple)


Our Signature Suites provide all the comfort and amenities to create the most peaceful and profound retreat experience. Featuring a comfortable king size bed with pure cotton linens, organic pillows and a handwoven Cambodian blanket for extra comfort. Sit and relax on your balcony and enjoy our lush tropical gardens. Each suite includes A/C, Private Bath and Shower with Hot Water. 

THe villa

6 Day Life Changing Wellness Package


  • Unlimited Fresh Coconuts
  • Coconut Oil Massage
  • Traditional Khmer Massage
  • Blind Shiatsu Massage

From $990 USD (single)

From $1590 USD (couple)


Nestled in our tropical healing gardens, our 2 story Khmer Villa has a traditional feel with modern comfort. These spacious retreat rooms have a king size bed and feature pure cotton sheets and handwoven Cambodian blanket for extra comfort. Equipped with A/C, Shower, Hot Water and balcony.

The bungalows

6 Day Life Changing Wellness Package


  • Unlimited Fresh Coconuts
  • Coconut Oil Massage
  • Traditional Khmer Massage

From $880 USD (single)

From $1390 USD (couple)


With private patios overlooking our flower and vegetable garden buzzing with life. Our Bungalows have a king size bed with pure cotton linens. Equipped with Fan, Private Bathroom and Hot Water.

The shared house

6 Day Life Changing Wellness Package


  • Unlimited Fresh Coconuts
  • Coconut Oil Massage

    From $740 USD


Experience the magic of an authentic homestay in our shared Khmer House. With large common balcony, living room and shared bathroom. The spacious 6 bed dormitory is equipped with full size beds, A/C and fans. The accommodation is split into 2 separate rooms. 

Invest in your health and wellness.
Give yourself the gift of the inner peace, creativity and joy!

Do your retreat packages include airfare?

No, the retreat packages are for retreat accommodation, meals, yoga, spa treatments and retreat activities only.

What age and nationality are the people who join your retreats?

Typically, our retreat guests are of all ages and come from all around the world. Our guests come from all walks of life; different age groups, nationalities, sizes, backgrounds and goals.

We do all we can to foster an inclusive environment, so that everyone is welcome and feels part of the Hariharalaya family. What unites our guests is not so much age or nationality; but rather, a fun-loving attitude and spirit for discovery and all the wisdom they share with each other. We respect all our guests’ varied religions and orientations. 

I'm travelling solo, is that ok?

Absolutely! Most of the participants on our retreats are solo travelers, so we are the perfect choice if you want to travel by yourself without being alone! Most of our guests make new friends, staying in touch long after the retreat finishes. As a solo traveler, Hariharalaya is a safe and ideal place to come on retreat.

Do men come on retreat?

Yes, of course. Our transformative program is geared for both men and women. Actually, over the last few years we have seen almost as many men coming on retreat as women. We generally have around 40% men on retreat – between solo travelers and couples. 

If I want to stay in the Shared House, can I come to the retreat alone?

Yes, of course! Many of our guests are solo travellers. If you wish to pick a shared room package, we will match you up with roommates. Please note that our Shared House is mixed gender, We will do our best to put you together with people of the same gender, but we cannot guarantee. 

Can I come if don't have any yoga or meditation experience?

Hariharalaya is the perfect place to start your yoga and meditation journey. At least 50% of our retreat participants are new to yoga and meditation. 

We have a skilled team of international teachers to support you in a holistic journey of yoga, breathing and meditation. 

In addition to the teacher leading the class, we always have one or two teachers present in the room to assist and give feedback. We also break down all the postures and practices in our workshops. 

Our goal is to give you the tools and experience to integrate your practice of yoga and meditation with you in your daily life. 



What type of yoga do you practice?

At Hariharalaya we practice Integral Yoga – an integrated approach to health through the body, heart and mind. Our approach is Traditional Hatha yoga, with a focus on breath and awareness. We cover the physical postures (asana), breathing, meditation, chanting and non-duality. We offer hands on adjustments during the asana and meditation practice, and our teachers will help you to set up a daily practice.

At Hariharalaya, yoga is a journey of self-love and self acceptance, our approach is based on experiential yoga and not performative or competitive yoga.

Our classes are accessible for all levels of experience! Whether you are new to yoga or have been practice for decades, you are sure to gain a deeper presence and inspiration in your life and your practice. 

Do you offer any special discounts?

We do offer last minute booking specials & other special offers throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know about exclusive VIP specials. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates and special deal offers. For groups of 4+, we can offer special rate and inclusions. Just email us through the enquiry form below to find out more.

Important Arrival Information

Retreats start at 10am on the first day with the tour and registration

We recommend arriving in Siem Reap at least a day before your retreat in order to settle in and be well rested for the first day of your retreat. Being on retreat is a deep process of learning, healing and connection that requires your full energy and attention.

Fly into the new Siem Reap Angkor Airport (SAI) as of October 2023. 

We do not accept early arrivals as we need time to prepare for the upcoming retreat. For the same reason it is also not possible to stay after your retreat ends. 

We will arrange a free pick-up from your hotel (within 5km of Siem Reap) on the morning of the first day of your retreat between 9:30 and 10:30am. We will let you know your exact pick-up time the day before the retreat. Please let us know your preferred pick-up place at least 48 hours prior to the start of the retreat. If you are arriving late for the retreat you will need to arrange your own transport. We can help arrange a transfer from the airport for $35. If you are taking an overnight bus to Siem Reap, we suggest you find a cafe or small guest house to spend the morning hours until pick-up time. We do not accept early arrivals.

Terms & Conditions
  • Our prices are all in USD. We accept USD & Cambodian Riel. Please note that in Cambodia we only accepts USD bills newer than 2017 that are in good condition (fresh/clean), and do not accept any torn/damaged/dirty bills.
  • You can pay your retreat balance via Wise Bank Transfer in the currency of your choice. Contact us for transfer details.
  • There is a 5% processing fee for card payments.
  • Deposits are non refundable. If you are unable to attend your retreat and you inform us at least 14 days in advance, then you can use your deposit towards another retreat valid for up to 1 year. If you cancel within less than 14 days, your forfeit your deposit.
  • If you cancel more than 30 days before your retreat and you have already paid the full amount, you are entitled to a full refund minus the deposit and bank fees. If you cancel within 30 days of your retreat, then you are entitled to a 75% refund minus deposit and bank fees. If you cancel within 14 days of your retreat then you are entitled to a 50% refund minus deposit and bank fees. If you cancel within 7 days of your retreat, then you forfeit your retreat balance and deposit.
  • We do not offer any refunds if you decide to leave the retreat early.