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Self-Discovery &

Healthy Living Retreats

Starting every Monday

Awakening hearts and minds
since 2010

Over the last 11 years we have crafted a deeply transformational program of experiential learning, creativity, nature, community and stillness.

Dive into yourself with our program of diverse classes and the guidance of our experienced team of international teachers and healers. Discover the Art of Yoga and the Science of Meditation with a focus on holistic and experiential learning. Come away with the tools and experience to live a creative and fulfilling life.

Join our creative learning community for 1-3 months and reignite your passion for life.  

Yogic Living Program

Your Journey of Self Discovery

We are now offering the opportunity to live, learn and share as part of our creative learning community. Hariharalaya is the ideal place for self discovery, personal transformation, reconnecting with nature and opening your heart to beauty of the present moment.

In addition to daily classes of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Creativity and Dance, we also have a wide range of facilities, including an Arts and Music Lounge, Games Room, Rock Climbing Gym, Swimming Pool, Spa and Wellness Center, Tree House, Cinema, Sky Bar, Library, Boxing Gym and tropical jungle gardens. We serve 3 delicious home cooked meals per day (plant based and gluten free). We also have bicycles to get out and explore the Angkor temples and the local village.

We recommend staying for at least one month to give yourself the time and space needed for the transformation process.  It can take several weeks to start to slow down and find your rhythm. Our daily schedule, which we have developed over the last 11 years of experience, is the backbone of our inspiring community learning program. We offer the perfect balance of programmed activities and free time to allow you to integrate your body, heart and mind.


Integral Yoga

Science of Life

Yoga is more than physical exercise. It is a way of life. Through our daily practice of movement, breath and meditation, learn to come back home into yourself and flow with the present moment.

Hariharalaya ~ OFFICIAL VIDEO ~ Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center


Art of Life

Take time each day to slow down and be present. cultivate stability through the practice of stillness. Nourish yourself from the roots. Meditation is the fire that purifies your body, heart and mind. Meditation is the journey to discover that you have always been Home, Here and Now.

Feel peace and inner stillness


Mirror of Life

Gather with a tribe of like-minded people from all over the world to learn, laugh and let go. Discover yourself and your unique gifts with the support of a nurturing community. Create lifelong connections and open your Heart to Life.


Teacher of Life

Open your eyes to the beauty and the wisdom that is all around us in the dance of Nature. Hariharalaya is nestled in a tropical garden of Eden – full of flowers, trees and butterflies. The perfect place to slow down and observe the magic of Life.

Explore the Magic of Cambodia!


Flow of Life

Disconnect from all the noise of modern life and come back to your breath. We observe a Digital Detox and periods of silence as part of our retreats. Simplicity enables us to listen more deeply and live more fully.


Flowering of Life

Rediscover your sense of child-like wonder and free yourself from the disease of seriousness. Reignite your passion for Life in our Arts and Music Lounge, Games Room, Rock Climbing Gym,  Swimming Pool, Organic Garden and Sky Bar. 

Ignite your creative fire

Self-Discovery and Healthy Living Retreats

> Deeply transformational programs of experiential learning, integral yoga, meditation, nature, creativity, and community. 

Starting every Monday

> Invest in your health and wellness and nourish the garden of your heart and mind. 


> Accommodation

> 3 Healthy Plant-based Meals per Day

> Creative and Inspiring Retreat Program

> Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

> Inspiring Learning Facilities

> Authentic Cambodian Experience

> Diverse Heart-Centered Community Living

> Natural Healing Oasis

Discover Yourself Retreat

1 Week 

Living Yoga Immersion

2 Weeks

Life Refresh Program

4 Weeks

Radical Rebirth Journey

8 Weeks

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