Food is our way of participating in the great cycle of life. We honor the life that sustains us and thus every meal at Hariharalaya is treated like a family thanksgiving feast. We offer a variety of vibrant Khmer and International dishes that will leave you feeling healthy and inspired. Nourish your body and soul with healing wholefoods and uplifting company. Each meal begins with a community circle and a poem. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always a highlight at Hariharalaya.  


Made With Love

All of our meals are prepared fresh each day using the best seasonal ingredients. With such a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and an abundance of seasonal produce we are always experimenting with new dishes and seasonal flavors. We serve a wide variety of fresh greens, salad and sprouts. Our legendary salad dressings are all made fresh on site. 

As one of our gifts to you we will send you a complimentary copy of the Hariharalaya Cookbook after your retreat so you can continue enjoying nourishing and vibrant food from home.


All you can drink Fresh Coconuts

Nourish yourself with pure tropical love. Coconuts are good for your blood, your skin, your digestion and your soul. There is nothing like a cold Cambodian coconut on a hot day. 


Plant-Based (Vegan)

Cambodian Cuisine lends itself well to a plant based diet as it does not traditionally use milk or dairy, instead relying on the abundance of nutritious coconuts and a wide range of tropical fruit and vegetables. By eating a balanced and nutritious diet, you will feel lighter and more alive within days! We serve delicious mushrooms, tasty tofu, pulled jackfruit, cashews, beans and more healthy vegan alternatives.


Gluten Free

Cambodia does not traditionally cultivate wheat, instead using Gluten Free flours such as rice and cassava, which we turn into delicious homemade gluten free bread and pita, healthy cakes, noodles, and more!


Cambodian Classics

Sample some of Cambodia’s most iconic dishes, such as our famous creamy Khmer Curry, Traditional Amok, Rainbow Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad and even Cambodian style waffles!