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When do retreats start?
Our retreats begin at 10am on Day 1 with check in, tour and registration. It is essential to arrive on time to get into the rhythm.
We strongly suggest arriving in Siem Reap a few days before the retreat in order to settle down and get a good nights sleep before your retreat begins.

When does the retreat end?
Retreats end at 11am on Day 6 after breakfast.

How many days is the retreat?
One Week Retreats are 6 days and 5 nights.


How do I get to Hariharalaya from Siem Reap?
It takes 10 minutes to get to Hariharalaya from downtown Siem Reap. We will arrange a tuktuk from your hotel for $3 which will add to your bill.
Hariharalaya is located on a labyrinth of dirt roads and it can be a little bit difficult to find us, even when using Google Maps.

When should I arrive in Siem Reap?
Retreats start on Day 1 at 10am.
We strongly suggest arriving in Siem Reap a few days before the retreat in order to settle down and get a good nights sleep before your retreat begins.

Can I arrive late?
We understand that because of work obligations and travel arrangements, you may need to arrive late. This can be arranged. Please write to inform us if you will be arriving late on the first or second day of the retreat.

Is Hariharalaya located near the Angkor Wat?
Hariharalaya is located just 15 minutes away from the biggest temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat. You can ride a bike or arrange a tuktuk to take you to explore these magical temples. We suggest planning time before or after the retreat to visit the temples in order to get the most out of your experience.

What is the weather like?
It is a beautiful tropical paradise all year round in Cambodia. During the wet season (August – November) everything is green and alive. It usually only rains for an hour or two per day. During the dry season (March – April) it can get warm, but we have plenty of shade and our rooms and yoga shala are equipped with AC. The cool season goes from December to February.


What is your payment policy?
We require a non refundable deposit of 50% in order to complete your booking. You can book your retreat and pay the deposit by bank card via our online portal (Retreat Guru).
The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the start of your retreat.
A processing fee of 5% will be charged by our service provider if you pay by bank card. In Cambodia we are charged high credit card processing rates.
Price includes 10% VAT and 3% service fee which goes directly to our Khmer staff
You can pay your retreat balance by international bank transfer. Contact us for more details.
Additional charges such as snacks, healing sessions and tours will be billed at the end of your retreat. You can pay your retreat balance with cash or bank card at the end of the retreat.

What is the cancellation policy?
Deposits are non refundable. If you cancel more than 14 days prior, you can use your deposit as credit towards another retreat within 12 months or transfer to another person. Please note that you will need to pay another deposit to use your credit.
If you cancel within less than 14 days, you forfeit your deposit.

If you cancel more than 30 days before your retreat and you have already paid the full amount, you are entitled to a full refund minus the deposit and bank fees.

If you cancel within 30 days of your retreat, then you are entitled to a 75% refund minus deposit and bank fees.

If you cancel within 14 days of your retreat then you are entitled to a 50% deposit minus deposit and bank fees.

If you cancel within 7 days of your retreat, then you forfeit your retreat balance and deposit.

We do not offer any refunds if you decide to leave the retreat early.


What is your digital detox policy?
As part of our commitment to learning, healing and conscious living, all guests must follow our strict Digital Detox Policy during the retreat program. This allows you to step away from digital distraction and come back to the flow of the present moment.
The digital detox helps to reduce stress and anxiety, deepen your connection with yourself and others, improve sleep, free up time for creativity and learning and take a break from the addiction of constant stimulation.
We will collect phones, tablets, kindles and laptops on Day 1 and keep them locked up in our safe. We will return your devices at breakfast on Day 6. You will have time to capture some photos for memories.
In case of emergency, we can be contacted on Telegram or WhatsApp (+855) 66 30 1010 or via email
This is a great opportunity to take a full break from digital screens so we do not allow the use of kindles, however we have an extensive library with thousands of books on yoga, meditation, spirituality and more.


Do you observe silence and why?
Silence is a gift, an invitation to come back to the core of your being, awaken your heart and listen to the music of your soul. It is an essential ingredient in the transformative process of Integral Yoga. The silence allows you to breathe deeper and practice mindfulness in your daily life.
We observe silence every day from 10pm until 9am the following morning.
Every Day 4 we have a full day of silence.
The silence offers a great opportunity to journal, read, relax in a hammock, listen to your heart and observe the wisdom of nature.


Do the rooms come equipped with fans or AC?
All of our rooms come equipped with fans or A/C.
Please remember to turn off A/C and fans when you’re not in your room, and be mindful of wasting electricity.

Do you offer laundry service during the retreat?
We do not have a laundry service, however there are some local laundromats within 5 minutes walking distance where you can drop off your clothes. They cost around $1 per kg.

Are towels and toiletries provided?
Each guest is provided with a bath towel, a pool towel and a hand towel for the retreat. Please bring your own toiletries. Other necessities are available at the local shops.


What is the food like?
Your retreat includes 3 home cooked Vegan meals per day. Breakfast is served at 9 am, Lunch at 1 pm and Dinner at 6:30 pm. Herbal tea and filtered drinking water is available at all times. We also have a Juice Bar that offers fresh fruit smoothies, vegan coconut cream ice cream and delicious GF cakes and snacks. All of our recipes can be found in our vegan Cookbook – Cooking with Consciousness.

Is the food gluten-free?
Traditional Cambodian cuisine does not contain any gluten. All of our meals are gluten free, including our homemade bread and cakes.

Do you serve coffee?
We do not serve or allow the use of coffee or other stimulants at the retreat center. Being on retreat is an opportunity to cleanse your system and come back to your natural rhythm.
Please note we also do not allow guests to bring their own personal coffee. There are stalls that sell coffee nearby in the village if needed.

Do you offer snacks or beverages on site?
We offer a variety of healthy, homemade vegan snacks like cake, coconuts, fresh fruit smoothies, kombucha and vegan ice cream at our Juice Bar.

Can I bring my own food?
You can store personal snacks and supplements in your room. Please note that we do not allow any non vegan items on the property.


What is the atmosphere at Hariharalaya like?
Hariharalaya is located in a tropical Cambodian village. With jungle gardens, quiet corners, and inspiring facilities, it is the perfect place to reconnect with Nature and your True Self. Walk barefoot on the earth, take time to just be with Life, observing and feeling it deeply. Take a digital detox and come back to the present moment.

What should I bring with me to Hariharalaya
It is advisable to bring your own flashlight, mosquito repellent, a reusable water bottle, a journal, and in the rainy season, an umbrella or a rain coat and a smile. For women we recommend bringing any sanitary items you may need. There are shops nearby for all necessities.

What is your Drug and Alcohol Policy?
The use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited during retreat. It is important to maintain a focused and safe learning environment for all. The purpose of retreat is to slow down, take a step back and set up good habits.
If you decide to go out on the weekends and use drugs or alcohol (which we do not recommend), you must organize accommodation outside as we do not allow intoxicated people on the premises. Please note that the gates are locked at 6pm during the week retreat program and at 9pm on weekends. In case of non-compliance, we will give you one warning and then you will be asked to leave with no refund.

Is smoking permitted on retreat?
There is a designated area on the campus for smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms and balconies. Use of Cannabis is not permitted during the retreat.
We will give you one warning and then you will be asked to leave with no refund.


Am I required to attend all yoga and meditation classes and activities on the schedule?
Everyone is required and expected to participate in the morning practice and evening meditation. Afternoon yoga classes, dharma talks and other community activities are optional. If for whatever reason you are unable to participate, please speak with a member of our staff or one of our yoga teachers to discuss other options.

What style of yoga is practiced?
At Hariharalaya we practice Integral Yoga – an integrated approach to health through the body, heart and mind. Our approach is Traditional Hatha yoga, with a focus on breath and awareness. We cover the physical postures (asana), breathing, meditation, chanting and non-duality. We offer hands on adjustments during the asana and meditation practice, and our teachers will help you to set up a daily practice.
At Hariharalaya, yoga is a journey of self-love and self acceptance, our approach is based on experiential yoga and not performative or competitive yoga.
Our classes are accessible for all levels of experience!.

What type of meditation do you do?
We practice silent sitting meditation – Learning to relax back into the center of our being through stillness, strengthening our awareness, and releasing the heaviness of the past. The central meditation teaching is – Just Be Still. We also teach the importance of mindfulness or cultivating awareness throughout the whole day.

Is the yoga/meditation suitable for beginners?
Yes! Our program is perfect for those who have never tried yoga before. At Hariharalaya, we share an authentic approach to Yoga, focusing on living the practice in your daily life, and not just the physical postures. Our experienced teachers will help you discover these ancient tools, and find the perfect balance of Stability (Stirra) and Ease (Sukha).

Are your retreats suitable for advanced practitioners?
Our retreats are ideal for all levels of experience. Our focus is on applying yoga and meditation to living creatively in the present moment. Through community, learning, relaxation and creativity, we tap back into our passion for life and reawaken new possibilities, deepening our understanding of ourselves, and connection with Life.

Do I need to bring my own yoga gear?
All yoga and meditation gear (yoga mats, meditation benches and cushions) are supplied on site. If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat or other props you are welcome to do so.


Do I need to take malaria pills?
Siem Reap is a low risk malaria zone. We have not had a single case of malaria.

What are the visa requirements?
Unless you are an Asien Passport Holder you will need a visa to visit Cambodia.
You can apply for a 1 month tourist Visa here.
It’s also possible to obtain a 3 – 12 month visa via the travel agent here in Siem Reap.
All 1 month Tourist Visas (T-Visa or Electronic Visa) can be easily extended for a 2nd month for $50 USD with our travel agent in Siem Reap.

WHERE IS Hariharalaya?


Sala Gonsaing Village,
Svay Dangkum Commune,
Siem Reap, Cambodia 17259

Tel: +855 66 30 1010