The Ancient Temple Pyramids of Angkor are Shrouded in Mystery

These powerful stone pyramids were built in perfect harmony with the cosmos, creating a bridge between the world of man and the world of the Gods. The angles, degrees and cardinal directions are all skillfully charted without use of modern tools. Covered in gold, silver, copper and precious gemstones, the majestic towers were like antennas, super generators, channeling the power of the heavens.

When seen from above we can appreciate the perfection of these mandalas, like ancient computer chips, for storing and emanating the supreme power. Each temple consists of multiple enclosures, embodying the three worlds, the five elements and the journey of consciousness.

Unlike the grand cathedrals in Europe, these temples were not built to be seen, but for harnessing power. Only the high priests, rishis and kings were permitted to enter the inner chambers of these temples, where very intricate and precise rituals and offerings were performed day and night. The vibration of Vedic mantras resonated continuously through these stone megaliths, magnifying the power of healing, protection and abundance.

In addition to stone, the Khmer empire also worked with sacred healing water on a massive scale to absorb the cosmic energy and nourish the spiritual and physical body of the Earth. Ancient lotus ponds, island temples, healing baths and sacred irrigation channels were spread throughout the land.

The ancient Vedic Kingdom of Angkor is truly one of the main power points on the Earth with some of the largest and most prolific temple pyramids in the world. Today, you have the opportunity to connect with the ancient power that still emanates from this mystical land. Step back in time and tune yourself with the wisdom of our ancestors.