Hariharalaya is a tropical oasis of learning and healing near the ancient Angkor temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We offer a signature 6 day life changing process of yoga, meditation, creativity and communityOver the last 13 years we have helped more than 11,000 people from all around world find inner peace, joy and clarity.


“It was one of the most meaningful and transformative experiences of my life. I left feeling a deep sense of reconnection to myself and to life.”  Mark N.


Hariharalaya has created a simple and profound process of yoga, breathing and meditation for living in the present moment. We will help you to learn how to breathe and integrate yoga and awareness into your daily life. We will assist you to open up through creativity, authentic sharing and conscious play. Hariharalaya is a sacred healing space to slow down and truly come home into yourself. 


 Our 6 Day Life Changing Wellness Program is suitable for all ages, body types and levels of experience – whether you are brand new to yoga and meditation or have been practicing for years. We will adapt the practice for your body and help you find your center. 


 Our team of international facilitators are here to support you on your journey of self discovery. Our friendly Cambodian staff are here to welcome you home and make sure that you have an unforgettable stay. Our joyful chefs are here to nourish you with delicious, homecooked vegan meals specially selected from our Hariharalaya Cookbook. 



Come home into the present moment, let go of the past and reconnect with your innate wisdom and joy. Nourish yourself with our inspiring 6 day program of integral yoga, meditation, creativity and community. 


Our approach to yoga is focused on breath, stability and awareness. We will explore many powerful tools for awakening your body, heart and mind. 


Our learning program will help you to find your flow and be present. Our digital detox and periods of silence will allow you to cut out unnecessary stress and distractions. Our inspiring facilities, workshops and activities will motivate you to reconnect with your passion and creativity. 


 “I learned how to breathe, how to slow down and be present. It was such a powerful reminder of the importance of community, nature and healthy food.”   Paola S.


 Our team of yogis, artists and healers will inspire you to dive deep into yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Our heart centered community will encourage you to open up and express your authentic self.


Just show up and leave the rest to us. We have taken care of all the details to give you the freedom and space to be yourself.


Yoga Retreat Siem Reap

Traditional Yoga

Daily meditation included during your 6-day stay with us in Cambodia


Breathing exercises (pranayama)


Connect with nature during your stay at our wellness retreat


healthy vegan food included in the retreat program

Healing Vegan Cuisine

creativity workshops


find community and connect to like-minded people


digital detox is part of our life-changing retreat

Digital Detox

breathing excercises (pranayama)

Daily Workshops



Many of our guests leave feeling more inspired and alive then they have felt in years. Most find themselves feeling both lighter and more grounded. People often come away with a deeper sense of self confidence, clarity and purpose.


Tap into your inner power, inner peace and inner wisdom. You will receive practical guidance to integrate yoga, breathing and meditation into your daily life.

Cultivate an authentic and intimate relationship with yourself. You will learn to listen deeply to your body, heart and mind. 

 Be spontaneous and alive. You will reconnect with your inner child and awaken your creativity and playfulness. 

Slow down and be present. You will discover how to get out of your mind and live in the present.  


“I learned way more in the last 6 days than the last 6 years.”   James D. 


There are no words to express the joy of coming back into rhythm with yourself and with life. Many guests experience a profound and long lasting upgrade in their mental health, relationships, energy levels, daily habits and peace of mind that can extend many months and years after the retreat. 

We invite you to explore our thousands of 5 star reviews. 
We have helped more than 12,000 people of all ages awaken their bodies, hearts and minds.