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Awaken to the beauty of the present moment. Our one month Self Discovery and Healthy Living Retreats offer endless ways to nourish your body, heart and mind.

Integral Yoga – Meditation – Creativity
Playfulness – Conscious Community
Healing Nature – Healthy Plant Based Foods

Come and experience the magic of Cambodia and the power of the Ancient Temples of Angkor.

Integral Yoga

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and awakening

At Hariharalaya you will develop skills and techniques to live a balanced and inspired life. Integral Yoga is an approach to healthy living through cleansing and awakening your body, heart and mind. Take time to breathe, listen deeply and let go of the past. Establish a healthy rhythm through the daily practice of yoga, breathing, meditation, creativity, mindfulness, silence and community. 

Hariharalaya ~ OFFICIAL VIDEO ~ Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center

Healthy Living

Experience the magic of living in tropical paradise

Take a step back from the noise and confusion of modern life and immerse yourself in the natural colors and beauty of Cambodia. Slow down and take time to nourish and heal yourself. Our new campus is an organic blend of simple, traditional design with a touch of luxury and comfort. Our Deluxe Suites and Khmer Bungalows are perfect for your journey of healing and transformation. 

Plate with vegan food

Healing Wholefoods

Nourish your body, heart and mind with our homemade plant based cuisine

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Playful Learning

Awaken your inner child and realize your full potential


Heart-Centered Community

Focus on your health and wellness and blossom into yourself

Angkor Temples

Experience simple village life, friendly smiles and ancient Khmer temples

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